Value Addition

Bambili Group works actively and collaboratively with its portfolio companies to create value. 

We seek to enhance the value of our portfolio companies through access to our strategic network, strategic assistance, reporting and risk management, financial assistance, optimal exit strategies and other means.

Access to Relationship Network


Leveraging our network of contacts, we identify and recruit talented managers and directors and assist with the development of our portfolio companies’ business.

Strategic Assistance


We work closely with management teams to formulate and analyze business plans and strategic objectives, including identification and evaluation of acquisition opportunities, new business initiatives and restructuring plans.

Reporting and Risk Management


We assist our portfolio companies in developing extensive financial reporting, compliance and risk management practices.

Financial Assistance


We work with management teams to determine optimal capital structures over time, including structuring facilities for risk-taking businesses to increase operating leverage, and assist with more conventional financing.

Exit Strategies


We endeavor to develop and execute optimal exit strategies.